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Rainy thoughts

Damn rainy weather, it leaves me too much time to think about shit...

...I’m reminded of how few friends I have and how many Jenn’s made in college. And just when I get over that, I see her or that mustang. Why is life like that? It likes to punch me in the jaw and say, yep, it's all your fault shithead. Bitch. I believed for the longest time that the phrase best friends no matter what would actually work out in my shitty favor. But no. I pushed the no matter what button too many times and I deserved it. I deserved to lose the one person who knows me best. I can tell Spence, but boys only get so much. He always asks why and I can only say I don't know, I just don't. I hate rainy days. I hate the drop in my stomach when I’m reminded of the shit I’ve lost. The urge to scream when I saw you in the mall, on the highway, on my way to class. The fuck is wrong with me. I’ve lost my ability to express myself in words, so much I want to say but can't. I need another rainy day; I need another all-nighter to explain myself; carpet imprinted on my face and a sore neck; more pine needle piles on the driveway to understand it all. But I won’t ever get that chance, I’ve blown it. I gave you so many chances back then and I stayed your friend through a lot, why is now different? Your fiancé. You said that night you weren’t allowed to talk to me anymore because you wanted to respect him and not talk to anyone because he didn’t. We’re so different- polar opposites but why do I keep running into you? Why was there hate in your eyes that one time in the mall? I don’t hate you.


damn... just read jenn's (aru-sama)...


3 touch-and-goes
ceremonial shirt-cutting done by steve

solo 1 solo 3 solo 5 solo 21 solo 19 solo 18 
from left to right: we drew on each other's shirts. steve signed the shirts. steve cut out the writing on the back of the shirt. jenn and i in front of c-172. jenn, steve, and i in front of c-172. jenn, steve, and i atop the c-172 wings.

it's been a while since i've updated...

school's going good.

anime fest was this labor day weekend. worked for sven doing security for the desk, dealer's room, and escorting flow, etc. didn't cosplay much and didn't have time to enter the cosplay contest.
jenn and i did cosplay hellsing for a while:
AnimeFest 06 029 AnimeFest 06 024
met up with and talked hellsing and other stuff with talesin:
AnimeFest 06 035 AnimeFest 06 091
premiered my jin cosplay and laura and i cosplayed samurai champloo:
AnimeFest 06 069 AnimeFest 06 075
(^ yes, that was taken in the ladies restroom! they were nice! lol) 
jenn premiered her amon cosplay:
AnimeFest 06 068 AnimeFest 06 074
(^ that too was taken in the ladies room! lol)
raved at the dance:
AnimeFest 06 049 AnimeFest 06 052
(met up with other staff at the dance and we danced like fools!)
the stage for flow's concert:
AnimeFest 06 045
had to leave the con sunday night instead of sometime monday. once again it was an awesome con!
the rest of the pictures and videos will be on my pb soon!

Vegas baby!

leaving for Vegas tomorrow...rather later this morning, for the ASD show. gonna tour the strip and go on a helicopter tour of the grand canyon and the hoover dam. also going to see Penn & Teller and some other shows. anime vegas looks awesome. tootles

Finally off the ground!

flight lessons are off the ground and picking up speed now. early flights mean less air traffic. i've got 12.3 hours under my seatbelt. -_Q
monday's flight was mostly flying the pattern, calling in, touch- and- goes, and a little flying in the rain. it was a more relaxed flight compared to saturday's. crosswinds didn't help much. 
today's flight was even better. flew out of houston southwest and did some ground reference maneuvers and played with zero gravity. doing zero gravity in a plane is way better than any rollercoaster. climbing at a 60 to 70 degree angle at full power then shoving the nose over and pulling out all the power, it's one hell of a ride! flew to the sugarland airport and practiced communicating with the tower there. a little more difficult language. way bigger airport. 8,000 foot runway and a huge terminal, brand new. lots of large jets and air traffic. the most confusing part is when in the air, you talk to the tower operator. when on the taxiway, you talk to the ground operator. sugarland airport is like a mini hobby airport, guys come out and position you to your parking space and pick you up in a golf cart and take you to the terminal. since they had just finished redoing the inside of the terminal about 6 months ago, it still smelled new. the guy who picked us up said to check out the new pilot's lounge.  we got the key to the lounge and took a look inside. it was huge and comfortable. several large rooms filled with huge leather lazyboys and one room had a huge plasma screen tv with more leather lazyboy recliners. steve, jenn, and i took a room and practically jumped into the comfy mass of new leather. it was heavenly. we almost chose not to leave, but the plane had to be back by 1pm and i still had to do my flying time. so we just kicked back, relaxed, and brainstormed how to get chairs like this into the plane. lol. 
tomorrow's lesson will be more of the same. steve told me to practice trimming and landing procedures in my sleep. since we have our school orientation tomorrow morning (getting schedules, books, and our i.d pictures taken) we're flying around 1pm til 4pm, then over to steve's house to do some shootin'. awesome!
that's it for now, tootles!

damn rain. it's cancelling our flight lessons! saturday, sunday, and monday cancelled due to the weather and now probably wednesday too! just when u think it's over, it starts up again. weatherman says it'll go on through the night and into mid-day tomorrow.

 but when the rain did stop later this afternoon, check it out...a double rainbow. you can barely see it, but the second rainbow is about an inch to the right. the other one was very bright and you could see every color. cool.

on the other hand, we bought a new wakeboard (an upgrade from the "old school" one) and once this damn rain stops, we're taking the boat out for a test ride. cool thing is, the board compliments the boat. aww yeah.

slow days at the carwash lead to boredom (for both the guys, ralph, and us) which lead to goofy skate pictures/videos and ralph. lol. also got to drive around the carwash and honk at the guys... payback is a bitch ain't it? lol. kodak gallery: skate. photobucket: videos.

"everytime i see F you see K!"
-soupy sales

mini Doctor Who marathon!

FINALLY got the box set in the mail the other day!!! mini Doctor Who marathon these past few days. lol.
got my permit this morning, didn't take very long... thank god. worked with fuu- chan at the carwash, twas a good day. "quit screwing around during work hours!" got into a small arguement with a black guy. we totally won. jenn was like," i'm the BOSS." and he was like, "i've been here EVERY day, and i've NEVER seen u before in my life, GIRL!" then jenn came back, " well, then u haven't been here everyday, man! we're here EVERY day! and I'VE NEVER seen u in my life!"  larua and i backed up jenn all the while. thanks to alvaro, who warned us of him before this happened.... i trust the those guys with my life, i swear.
new braunsfels was fun. the comal was unusually low this year, that meant no big jumps this time. jenn and dad had a hard time staying in their toobs, i don't kno what that was all about. lol. Texas Ski Ranch  kicked ass! we met a guy there who recognized us from Sun City Skatepark, talking about a blast from the past there. i rented a pink wakeboard! lol. the cable lake is a bitch on the arms though. pictures and videos to come.

Jackie about Rose: What, did you find her online? Go on the internet and pretend you're a doctor?
The Doctor: I am a doctor.
Jackie: Prove it. Stitch this, mate! smacks him

Jul. 17th, 2006

all's i've been doing is working on 3 cosplays for the upcoming cons in september and october and working at the carwash. going to wakeboard at the texas ski ranch and tube in the comal river this week. girls' skated free thursday and friday!
some videos... not my best day...
girls skate free thursday... 

The Doctor: Did it say anything? Did it speak? I'm The Doctor, by the way.
Charles Dickens: Doctor? You look more like a nanny.
The Doctor: What's wrong with this jumper?

Walter: I stand here without life, unlike many others before me. I stand here as myself. Here... as Walter C. Dolneaz.

AnimeExpo photos and videos

AX pictures...
Kodak Gallery: Los Angeles
Photobucket: AX with Crispin Freeman (photos and videos)
IGN: Anime Expo 2006: Day 1
Fansview: Saturday Afternoon/ Evening
the good thing about AX was that all the cosplayers were awesome. these links have us in them, but be sure to check our all the other good cosplayers. if i add any more links, it will be to this post...